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Yoga, Volunteering and Beach Outing

Rise up your energy and volunteer in the earthquake affected school


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Do you often travel but don’t feel satisfied with the trip you are doing? Are you looking for a trip that gives your body and soul satisfaction? Do you often experience hard times in life?

Are you lonely and feeling alone in life?

Are you looking for activities that excite you again?

If your answer is YES for all the questions, then this is the right trip for you. We will help you to create a valuable experience while having holiday in Lombok.

Relax and enjoy the holidays, be more grateful in life, and help others in need. We will accompany you to find happiness that you may not have been aware of all this time.

Tour Description

Find your personal greatness and defy your limits through yoga! Taught by professional and certified teacher, providing you with the best yoga experience Lombok has to offer. Yoga with green view or beach panorama? it’s all in your hand. Get a new gateway to share with the children by teaching them new things, the beauty of loves and sharing. Yoga, volunteering and beach outing? Why not!

Exclusive trip started for 4 or more participants. you will get:

  • Exclusive services from us
  • Volunteer experience in Lombok ‘s rural schools
  • A more grateful life
  • Relax on Pink Beach
  • Yoga and meditation from professional instructors

You will visit one of the affected schools during Lombok’s earthquake in August 2018. Access to this school is easier if you use an ojek (motorbike) because the road is not able to be passed by ordinary vehicles except 4×4 wheels. The location of schools that are far from the city centre causes this school need more attention from many parties. Your presence will be very helpful to increase student’s enthusiasm to continue their study even they live under limitations.

We allocate a portion of our travel fees for the activity and support the learning process in this school. Details about what activities you can do can be compiled a day or long before your departure. Please contact us if you have any ideas for childrens’s activities there.

Join with a hapy heart, full of love and help each other in a good way. The happines will emerge a our goal is to realie “Traveling With Purpose” for others.

1. Tanjung Aan

Crystal clear turquoise water and really fine white sand. Almost Caribbean-like! A huge long bay where you surely will find a lonely spot. Moreover, there is a second bay on the other side where you can also have a nice swim.

From the hill that separates both bays from each other you can have a gorgeous view at the surroundings. Really amazing!


2. Selong Belanak

Further west of Kuta, there is another beautiful beach that is also very popular with surfers: Selong Belanak. But it’s not only for surfing. You can also perfectly take a bath, swim or relax at the beach. The bay is really huge and has a super gently sloping beach with finest sand.
It’s a little bit more going on here and you can find some shops, restaurants, corn and ice vendors. And obviously surfboard rentals. On Sundays and holidays this beach can get really crowded since many locals tend to come here on these days.

3. Mawun Beach

Mawun is a very special beach and somehow simply “different”. Depending on the time of day, you will have to share this bay with only a handful of people. It means that there is not really much going on at this beach (especially in the morning) and there are barely beach vendors. This is a true beach pearl and you will fall in love with it on first visit.
The waves in the middle of the bay can be very strong but at the outer parts of the bay you can perfectly bath and swim.

Name :
Profession :
Activity :

All the activity will be conducted in Lombok and we have specific location for each activity

Volunteer : SDN 3 Mekarsari Gunung Sari, West Lombok
Yoga : Sepiak Villa, Selong Belanak Beach
Beach Outing Lombok : Pink Beach (Tangsi Beach) Sekaroh Jerowru, East Lombok
 First night stay in IBLUDAN hotel, located in Senggigi area, about 15 minutes to reach restaurants and bars

 Second and thord night wil be in MANA RETREAT KUTA LOMBOK. Only 15 minutes for a wonderfull beach

     Superior room with sharing bed (gender specified)
      Air conditioning
     Swimming Pool
     Surrounded by nature
     Quit and clean place for you to rest and relax
     Free wifi acces
     Essential: Towel, bed sheets, soap, and toilet papper

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Day One
  • Pick up at the airport
  • Check in and short briefing about the trip
  • Welcome dinner. Let’s get to know each other a bit.
Day Two
  • Visit the earthquake affected the school and give a hand
  • Sunset Yoga
Day Three
  • Beach outing to relax and reflect your activity
  • Farewell dinner
Day Four
  • Light packable breakfast, in case you have an early flight
  • See you again!

Tour Consult Expert: +62 853 3866 4782

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