Have you ever felt bored of travelling? Or have you ever thought of travelling in a different way? Travelling that is not only exploring tourist destination in Lombok, but also sharing a value. Yup, LOMBOK HIDDEN TRIP is here to help. Introducing you with voluntourism, a concept of collaborating between volunteering and travelling. Our mission is to bring value of travelling by connecting and helping others with inspiring and passionate activities. If you are new to voluntourism, why don’t you give it a try? Experience it with us!

our facilitator and Korean Uni students Sharing happiness with the local kids in the village

We are the first and the best voluntourism organizer in Lombok which offer you with a deep impression on every trip and doing social activities that deliver positive impact. Travelling while volunteering in Lombok Island will give you meaningful experiences and provide the opportunity to explore the local culture and share with the community.

Lombok Hidden Trip is a social enterprise that carries the concept of travelling while volunteering. LHT invites tourists to interact with both nature and local communities. LHT offers an extraordinary atmosphere for the travellers, such as living with local people, teaching in remote schools, learning the traditional music instruments, witnessing honey cultivation, visiting thrash bank, creating crafts from trash and also participating in Lombok communities.

Korean Uni Students hand in hand building the solar power in the village, Central Lombok, Indonesia

Lombok Hidden Trip highlights the voluntourism concept combining travelling with volunteering. Tourists can choose their own tour packages and the variety of activities they want to do to make their travelling memorable. Want to know about travelling while volunteering? Come! Create your remarkable journey with Lombok Hidden Trip.

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