Who We Are

Lombok Hidden Trip is your reliable tour agency who operate authentic and unique tours with a genuine focus on providing the fun factor and challenging you to reach the best sensation of travelling  while benefiting local people and natural environment. We choose our company name for the objective of providing you travel experiences in the paths less traveled in the island of Lombok. We are always looking to satisfy you with new and unique experiences with focal points on natural scenic beauty to an appreciation of cultural values, history and attitudes.

Our Value

Altruism is the hearth of every program we offer and drives the majority of our decision making. In Lombok Hidden Trip we have a responsibility to not only provide you with natural and cultural experiences but also with chances to help local people through volunteering and knowledge sharing activities.  We are especially motivated to enable you to connect at a deeper level with people, places and culture that will imprint themselves in your memory.

During your trip with us, you will be escorted by our local, expert, English-speaking guide who will make each destination come alive. Our guide will share the traditions, culture and history of your destination from a first-hand perspective. You will be able to connect with local expertise to share knowledge freely and openly in unbiased way. We will take you  beyond standard Lombok travel to discover breathtaking view of attractive waterfalls, pristine beaches, green lush forest, majestic volcano and interesting way of life of local people.

What Benefits You Get

  • ALL-IN-ONE.We provide you with all-in-one service to save your money, time and make you less worry about your overall trip arrangement. Our customer agent will always be ready to help arrange your trip to meet you need.
  • COLLABORATION. You can collaborate with us to arrange your dream trips. We’d love to hear from you about what you want and how we can help to provide you with the best travelling experience.

What we do

In Lombok Hidden Trip we offer options for every budget and travel style. Our tour packages vary from family, school and company tour to individual and small group walking city tour. We also offer community development and environment protection projects for those who are eager to make a better world while traveling. We are always looking to provide new and unique experiences as we continue to push the envelope each year by innovating new programs while finessing our classics.

Book Your Trip Now

In Lombok Hidden Trip we are passionate to help you put together a trip you’ll remember for a lifetime. Book your trip now and our reservation agents will be there to help you throughout the whole booking process.



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