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Turtle is one of the marine creatures that decreases every year. This is caused by illegal hunting, turtle egg theft and damage to the marine ecosystem.

In Lombok itself, the fate or life of sea turtles is no less tragic than other turtles in other places. Excessive turtle egg hunting threatens the survival of turtle living in the future.

So, don’t be surprised, if one day our children and grandchildren will only see turtles in a storybook.

Then should we just be quiet?

In Lombok Hidden Trip, we care about the conservation of turtles and their habitat. In collaboration with the turtle observer community and Natural Resources Conservation Center, we support the breeding activities.


This program aims to give the experience of a new way of traveling in Lombok. Where the participants not only can enjoy the beauty of the island of Lombok but also could participate in conservation programs and turtle breeding education.
With the existence of this program and carried out continuously. Community groups are motivated and eager to preserve turtle life. And train them to run conservation tours independently.
Participants who will join this program will be divided into 3 main groups, namely: Maintenance group, Facilities care group and Education group. Each group has duties and responsibilities as follows :

This group has the duty to:

  • Record the number of eggs saved from fishermen
  • Feed the baby turtles and adult turtles
  • Change the pool water
  • Cleaning the adult turtle’s shell

This group has the duty to:

  • Perform maintenance and repairs the turtle breeding facilities.
  • Repairs the turtle captive fences.
  • Making information boards
  • Clean and replace the hatching sand for baby turtles

This group has the duty to:

  • Making educational materials about the danger of rubbish for the environment.
  • Hold English class for youth and children
  • Education about marine ecosystems
  • All activities in this program will be accompanied by the experts from the Natural Resources Conservation Center (BKSDA) of West Nusa Tenggara Province.
  • This activity will involve community groups of turtle observers as a companion.

Group Name  :  Kerabat Penyu Lombok
Number of active members  : 15 persons
Established  : Since November 2015
Captivity area’s extensive  :  200 m2
Address  : Kuranji Beach, Dusun Kuranji Dalam, Kota Mataram – Lombok – West Nusa Tenggara Indonesia.



3 – Star Hotel

Transportation during activities

Dinner and Lunch

Medical team

2 hole for hatching turtle eggs

Volunteer shirt

An expert team from BKSDA

Professional facilitator

No booking or credit card fees

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